Teacher In Role

Perhaps one of the most effective tools to a Drama practitioner is that of taking on the role of a character to take students into an imaginary situation for them to explore.


The barrier between teacher and student can be broken down when the teacher steps into a role as a fellow participant in the drama alongside the students.

The teacher guides the students on a journey and can deliver subject content in a context not typical of a class room setting by shaping the course of the activity through their character.

To set this up it is necessary to change something about you, whether it's your physical appearance an action or voice, to help with the transition into character.

It is important that the character is maintained and is whole-hearted to give the students confidence to follow your example and join you in role.

Use a removable item of clothing such as a hat or scarf to represent signify that you have entered the role.

This can be removed when you wish to return as teacher, or given to another student should you wish them to continue in that role.