Create sounds to mimic a real or imaginary environment.


This strategy works best in large groups and involves the group using their voices, bodies and other materials to create a sound collage. It's especially good for creating environments which help to place the drama and also atmosphere.

It can be an exercise in creating the sounds, as well as listening to the sounds.

Give the participants a setting, such as a rainstorm. In this example, ask them to slowly rub their hands together to create the sound of wind, then tap their fingers on the floor for light rain, slowly becoming heavy rain and thunder and so on.

This can be used in drama to create sounds during performance, and for the participants to react to.

Demonstrate a good example and a bad example, focussing on volume/dynamics.
Further Development

Split the students into 2 groups, ask one group to form a small circle with the other group forming a larger circle around it.

Ask the inside group to close their eyes whilst the outside group creates a soundscape. Such as:

  • A day at the zoo
  • A bustling city street
  • A farmers market
  • A morning forest
  • A hair salon

Invite the inside group to comment on things that they noticed from the soundscape.