A meeting is a stereotypical setting for characters in Drama - a meeting of experts, a family meeting, a town hall meeting etc.


This Drama strategy can require some prior knowledge of the setting for those involved since it is asking every participant to take on a role in the meeting.

This often works best when activites build towards a meeting taking place as the prior sessions can explore the motives and attitudes of the characters involved.

Set this up by declaring the pending meeting and its agenda, and then split the participants into the various groups so they can discuss their attitudes to the agenda points.

When the meeting commences, in the role of Chair, invite comments from the various groups and then encourage responses from each group. A lively passionate discussion is always encouraged!

A warmup game to help build towards this meeting is an adapted version of Fruit Salad where fruits are replaced by characters who interact as they pass each other within the circle.
Further Development

This can be extended to set the participants up as 'experts' whereby they become scientists, doctors, archaeologists etc and explore that area in sessions prior to the meeting. The meeting is a meeting of minds where the share their theories as experts in their field.