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Focus on Skills

Focus on Skills

The overall aim of this unit is for students to re-visit prior skills that they can then refine and develop as well as learning new Drama techniques. The unit supports the development of self-confidence, encourages social cooperation and enhances creativity.

It uses an assortment of imaginative stimuli designed to engage, promote creativity and thinking skills. There are several opportunities for students to create, perform and devise in a variety of ways.

What are the expected outcomes?
Every child will …

Be introduced to a variety of new Drama skills and reminded of prior learning. They will be able to make choices that will help them to express simple, straightforward characters and interact with others. They will understand that creating a character involves several areas of preparation, which they will participate in, and they also begin considering how they engage with their audience.

Most children will …

Build on their own experience of Drama as well as introduce new skills that develop further this experience. To communicate character by understanding emotional meaning that is expressed through their physical interactions and choices. Adapt and refine the way they use particular skills to enhance their portrayal/participation. To edit their performance and devising that shows evidence of engaging their audience.

Some children will …

Refine and develop their Drama skills so that they participate in activities with awareness of themselves and others. Use their understanding of character preparation to portray convincing, sustained characters that interact with others in a ‘real’ way. Independently, edit, rehearse and refine their participation to increase the successful delivery of the task. Be able to comment reflectively on their work and that of others. Use a number of strategies to engage an audience.

What does this pack contain?
  • 1 Scheme Overview
  • 6 Lesson Plans