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The overall aim of this unit is to explore the Victorian era and more specifically to look at it from the perspective of children e.g. schooling, work houses and families.

It uses various eye-witness accounts, photographs, paintings and text to provide varied sources to explore characteristic features of the period. There are several opportunities to be able to interact and understand ideas, beliefs, attitudes and experiences of children in the Victorian era as well as meeting key figures from the period.

What are the expected outcomes?
Every child will …

Know and understand the distinctive features that affected the lives of children in the Victorian period. They will be able to use a range of sources to influence role play and re-enact certain aspects of different lifestyles.

Most children will …

Recognise distinctive features of the lives of children and be able to differentiate between wealthier and poorer children. They will bring that understanding to the characters they portray demonstrating a degree of empathy and reasoning behind the circumstances surrounding Victorian children.

Some children will …

Make comparisons between rich and poor, understanding socio and economic factors. They will interpret a wide range of sources, questioning, explaining and be able to extract relevant information to influence their role play. They will be able to link the lives of children in the past to that of today’s children.

What does this pack contain?
  • 1 Scheme Overview
  • 6 Lesson Plans
  • 1 Powerpoint Slideshow