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Superheroes - The Super in You

Superheroes - The Super in You

The aims of this unit are to explore the comical potential of the Superhero genre as well as celebrate and highlight the ‘Superhero’ qualities in each individual.

There are several collaborative activities, independent role development and whole class teacher in role scenes. There are also a range of opportunities to incorporate ICT into the lessons and get students filming/photographing/animating.

What are the expected outcomes?
Every child will …

Understand the Superhero genre and be able to identify simple features. Students will continue to develop the concentration required for inventive role play and will participate in improvised scenes. They will be able to construct and re-assemble a tableau and sustain their ‘freeze’ position.

Most children will …

Will understand the Superhero genre and be able to replicate features. Their self awareness of portraying a role is developing and they can adjust their physical actions to enhance their character. They will be able to construct, edit and re-assemble a tableau and structure a sequence in order to convey meaning.

Some children will …

Make clear, reasoned decisions within their Drama work to demonstrate the Superhero genre. Exhibit the discipline necessary for successful accomplishment of tasks set within lessons and especially when working in a comical way. Be able to lead and direct creative ideas whilst still exhibiting sensitivity to group dynamics.

What does this pack contain?
  • 1 Scheme Overview
  • 6 Lesson Plans
  • 1 Powerpoint Slideshow
  • 2 Additional resource printouts