Ship Ahoy!


A classic game - useful to develop listening skills and spatial awareness.

How Do I Play It?

The teacher first explains that we are about to go on a ship and as crew there are lots of jobs that we need to do.

Students start by forming a line (one behind the other) directly in front of the teacher to enter ship.

The teacher then shouts a command and the children have to perform the activity associated with that command and go to various areas of the ‘ship’.

Commands include:

Captains comingSalute and stand still for inspection
Boom crossingDuck
Scrub the deckScrub the floor
Climb the riggingClimb up sail
PortGo left and load the cannons
StarboardGo right and look out
BowGo to the front and all walk the plank
SternGo to the back and all pull in the anchor


To remember where you’re going - 'port' has four letters as has 'left'!


This game could be adapted to a different setting – plane, car, beach.

Also you could get musical – call out ‘three men in a boat’ and the students must form groups of three and sing "Row, row, row your boat."

Whole Group
Medium (5 - 10 mins)
Character, Spatial Awareness, Spontaneity
Games could be a beginning starter, an introducing step during a workshop or as an end plenary. They are a platform for further development and are never meant to be the whole session on their own.

The nature of drama games is that they are shared, adapted and extended. The original author is not so important as the shared practice. You’ll find games on the site that you’ve seen before, called something different or that you even use in your own teaching toolkit.

We hope that among the known games are ideas of how to refresh old ones as well as new games to use.