About Drama Toolkit

Drama Toolkit is a resource and support website for Drama teachers, Drama workshop facilitators and Drama practitioners.

We’re a one stop shop for Drama that aims to take out the frustration of coming up with original Drama Lessons, Session Plans and Schemes of Work so you can concentrate on using the Arts as an amazing tool for children and young people.

Have you ever felt....

  • ....frustrated with endless searches that end with mediocre lesson plans?
  • ....short for time and need support with your schemes of work?
  • ....in need of inspiration and creative ideas?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

What do we offer?

Drama Games, Warm-ups and Exercises

Drama games and warm up exercises are a key part in any Drama facilitators armoury. The nature of them is that they are shared, adapted and extended, so you are likely to have seen all of the games on this site in one way or another. We are not claiming to be the author or originator of these games.

The games are referenced within our original Schemes of Work.

Drama Strategies, Tools and Techniques

A Drama strategy, drama tool or drama technique can help form the basis of a lesson/session. There is nothing unique about the strategies appearing on this site - there may be some useful tips on how they can be applied, but they are fairly standard.

The strategies are referenced within our original Drama Schemes of Work.

Drama Lesson Plans and Drama Schemes of Work

Our experienced team have written our schemes with you in mind. We know you sometimes have to deliver and create Drama in an impractical broom cupboard, we know you sometimes have to engage 35 plus hormonal teenagers who think Drama is pants, we know the criteria you need to deliver and we know that Drama, at times, is misunderstood and under valued.

With this knowledge and experience we have put together numerous Drama Schemes of Work suitable for Primary School, Secondary School and beyond.

Whether it’s a single lesson or workshop or a scheme of work for a whole term we have it. We’ve built in flexibility and development so our projects can be used to suit your needs and a variety of participants from ages 5-105.

Our schemes are tried and tested projects expertly written for you to use.

Who are we?

Our background is that we are qualified teachers fanatical about education, Drama therapists who know the positive impact of the Arts on children’s development.

We are Professional Arts Practitioners who live and breathe the Arts, trying to keep up to date with new techniques.